Odyssi Certificate Authority Server

The Odyssi CA Server is an enterprise-class certificate authority server, allowing an organization to build and deploy a full-fledged PKI. When completed, it will support most major existing PKI standards, while providing complete customizability in deployment.

Odyssi CA is designed for today's identity management needs. By leveraging PKI, your organization will be able to effectively secure the identities of its users. This will provide your users with strong network authentication, e-mail signing and encryption, and wireless network access.

Open Source Software

The Odyssi Certificate Authority Server is released as 100% free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL). You are free to make changes to any of its components for deployment within your own organization. This provides you the freedom to integrate the CA with your existing systems and resources.

In addition, Odyssi CA makes use of other award-winning Open Source products, such as Hibernate, Apache Tomcat, Apache Axis, and others. Open Source database products, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, are also fully-supported, allowing you to run your entire CA infrastructure on an Open Source platform. And, because Odyssi CA is written completely in Java, it will work on any platform with a Java VM.